Hulu presents a unique challenge. It's a Russian Doll of sorts: tons of different TV shows and movies inside larger networks, inside one brand. So we developed a series of "social products" to spread the love across all these elements, while making Hulu the hero. 


Seriously, how have you not watched...?

The extra boost people need to finally start a show everyone's been talking about, and a way to excite fans who have been watching from the beginning.

Being a huge fan of Bob Belcher, I was more than happy to watch countless episodes of Bob’s Burgers to write this script and create this video.



The Internet has a different economy of language and memes are a goldmine. We took beloved shows and memefieid them. 

To commemorate the release of The Golden Girls on Hulu, I helped find the girls’ best moments and related them to modern experiences.



An eye-catching, visual way to represent shows and movies, perfect for Instagram. My AD and I captured Fargo's darkly beautiful essence with this chilling scene.

We thought this quote captured the show’s dark quirk and the ice, its cold atmosphere.



We took shows' best parts and brought them all together into a list, one of the Internet's most effective ways to relay information. 

I wrote this one to celebrate the badass women of GoT.



We made shows from different time periods or containing technical jargon a little easier, and more fun, to understand.

I love a good period piece, so I was prepared to translate Harlots for the modern audience in this video.



For the movies that make you announce with pride, "I can quote EVERY line of this movie!"



Our social products doubled overall engagement, increased Hulu on-platform content by 34% and doubled video consumption.


The greatest teammates:

Creative Director: Elizabeth Cauvel

Associate Creative Directors: David Bailey & Anna Haczkiewicz

Art Director: Sam Johnson

Design: John Garofalo & Taylor Hurewitz

Animation: Mark Robson

Editor: Michael Barringer